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Baby Colic

Delictase acts naturally directly to the cause of baby colic offering an immediate relief to babies !

Colic is a common problem from which 20% - 25% of babies suffer from and affects substantially the entire family due to the fact that it is a very stressful situation for parents when the baby cries for hours with limited solutions to calm it down. There are many colic causes but many scientists agree that the transient lactose intolerance - due to insufficient production of lactase - is one of the main cases of baby colics**.

How transient lactose intolerance leads to baby colic; Learn below!

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Milk, the main source of nutrition for babies during the 4th - 6th month (image 1α) contains lactose, which is a carbohydrate.

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Lactose is made by the condensation of the monosaccharides - glucose and galactose  (image 1β) - which have to be broken down in order to be absorbed.

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Lactose goes through the stomach onto the small intestine (image 1γ) so that it will be broken down and absorbed.

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The break down of lactose occurs in the small intestine (image 2α) by an enzyme called lactase

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The break down (image 2β) is of great importance in order to absorb the nutrients of lactose.

1263-delictase-monocolor NEW-07.png

However, during the first months of their lives, babies might show limited production of lactase (image 2γ), which causes transient lactose intolerance.

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The insufficient production of lactase results to allowing lactose to pass unbroken from the small to the big intestine (image 3α) where it comes in contact with the  intestinal microflora.

1263-delictase-monocolor NEW-06.png

This causes a fermentation process that results to the production of gases (image 3β) causing bloating, cramping and flatulence, while it is quite possible that diarrhea will occur. 

1263-delictase-monocolor NEW-14.png

Delictase is a food supplement with lactase that acts naturally directly to the cause of baby colic (image 4), offering instant relief to babies!

**D. Kanabar, M. Ranhawa, P. Clayton, Improvement of symptoms in infant colic following reduction of lactose load with lactase, Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, 2001 Oct;14(5):359-63.

Less crying... More relief and calmness for the whole family!!!

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